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Dear Friend,

It is a perfect Christmas gift for pastors, preachers and catechists. Or for your own spiritual reading.

Every week, Father Bill Grimm enriches our spiritual lives and our participation in the Sunday liturgy with his homilies telecast on UCAN sites in English and with Chinese subtitles. About 3,000 viewers a week come to hear five minutes of prayerful wisdom from a practiced preacher.

Now you can have that insight and wisdom readily to hand with the publication of his Season and Out, Homilies for Year C. Perfect as a Christmas gift, this book is good not only for personal spiritual reading. It will be a great help to pastors, preachers and catechists.

It's inexpensive and easy to get in all formats in hard copy at any good Catholic bookshop worldwide and at Kindle, or as a PDF (in Australian Dollars) here or you can buy it through Amazon (in US Dollars) here

Why not do yourself a favor and invest in your understanding of how the person and message of Jesus can deepen your interior life.

Best wishes,
Fr. Michael Kelly SJ
Fr. Michael Kelly, SJ
Executive Director

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